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The youth make a difference initiative

Family Gardens in a Food Desert

When 9-year-old Amelie meekly approached her teacher in the first season of our Each One Teach One (EOTO) garden at Marie L. Greenwood Academy in Denver Public Schools to ask if she could harvest something to take home on nights her mom didn’t have money to buy anything for dinner, her teacher realized there existed an opportunity to provide both food security and nutrition to the neediest families in the community. Amelie is a part of the school’s 38 percent of students with a Body Mass Index greater than the 85th percentile, putting her at risk for adult diabetes - the chronic disease her mother suffers. Amelie learned to like fruits, berries, leafy greens and the vegetables she nibbled during class, but they aren’t served at home. The school garden is small and space is limited. A grant through the Youth make a Difference initiative would provide building materials for raised beds, tools, amendments, seeds, transplants, apple trees, and on-going education to guarantee success of 40 new family gardens.


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